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A typical Broadcast TV production workflow often demands that operators have the ability to hear audio from and control a diverse sources such as routers, VTR/Servers, Talent, and communications.

The infrastructure may be SDI, IP or hybrid, and the format of incoming audio signals may vary considerably from SDI embedded to AES and analogue with channel configurations in surround sound, stereo, mono, with multiple languages, clean FX channels and multiple programme mixes further complicating the situation.

When signals vary dynamically during production, or setups alter completely from show to show, programme makers need audio monitoring which can adapt and is simple to use.

Meanwhile, user customised Advanced Broadcast Control in all areas of the facility can offer a modular approach for critical data sharing via Virtual Panels which communicate directly with any controller in a system.

Virtual control of regional locations is possible via Touch screen control to form critical functions; adjust lighting, control camera position, pan, tilt and zoom, automatically route talkback and production sounds to ear and send videos and graphics to in-vision monitors.





  • Bring confidence when monitoring both IP and traditional infrastructures.
  • Improve efficiency when integrated as part of a larger control and monitoring solution.
  • Enable new ways of working through providing an intuitive control interface for remote operation.
  • Reduce errors, helping to guarantee both content quality and quality of service.

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Advanced Control Systems
  • Single-application controls right through to enterprise solutions.
  • Extensive protocol APIs and device translation to easily adapt & expand as your requirements change.
  • Investing in systems that are easily customised by the end-user.
  • Supported by easily accessible technical and project support teams made up of experts on system control.

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Turkuvaz Media Group (TMG) Invests in TSL's Audio and Control Solutions

When seeking to build a new media centre in Istanbul, the Group chose to deploy TSL Products’ audio monitoring, advanced broadcast control and technical display solutions across its 10 studios and control rooms. Built with systems integrator Teratek, this project consolidates TMG’s distributed studios into one location to improve efficiency, future-proof its capabilities for 4K broadcasting, and create a scalable system ready for the group’s future growth.

The new centre enables the broadcaster to continue to grow at pace and maintain their position as the leading private media group in Turkey by utilising fully IP-enabled, all-4K HDR-capable infrastructure based on Cisco. This allows TMG to boost both the quality and quantity of broadcasts while the flexibility of IP will enable new, more efficient workflows for production teams.

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