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Insite - System monitoring, alarming and reporting

If the power were to fail in your operations systems, it could mean a disastrous loss of signal. Whilst redundant systems or generators can hold up for a while, software and intelligent power solutions can provide a much more in-depth tool.

InSite is a highly flexible, virtualised and configurable infrastructure management solution which can monitor the health and usage of facility and broadcast equipment. With real-time web-based dashboards, alarming via e-mail and detailed reporting, InSite connects to IP devices and constantly monitors their status using SNMP and Modbus. Users can define alarm parameters such as over-temperature alarms or other environmental requirements. 

All data is stored in a database for historical reporting and trending information. 


  • Granular and real time monitoring of your equipment.
  • Detailed probes monitor specific information directly from your devices.
  • Critical information is easily shared via dashboards showing a visual representation of your facilities and tailored to your own environment.
  • Use alarms and logging to monitor realt-time issues and respond quickly, or to review historical data to make improvements.
  • Features SNMP connectivity to power devices such as PDUs and generators, broadcast equipment such as router frame or switcher frame, or servers and environmental control for heating, airflow, usage and temperature sensors.
  • Set thresholds to trigger alarms to be displayed on dashboards and sent via email to engineers.
  • See historical data to show insights, trends and log alarms for errors as they happen.
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Gain Detailed Analysis of Your Facility Performance

InSite provides seamless integration with TSL's PDUs and can also be used in parallel with TallyMan or any third-party control platform for further integration with detailed broadcast signal flow analysis. The addition of SNMP to our range of MPA1 audio monitors now means that TSL can span a greater part of your broadcast production facility with audio status reported to InSite and/or TallyMan, while TallyMan or any other SNMP control system can also take control of the MPA1 audio monitors. This setup has recently been installed at a leading-edge IP-based studio complex.

Dashboards – the interface to your facility

Fully customisable dashboards allow monitoring of your facilities geographically to see at a top level where there are issues and ‘nest’ dashboards to allow you to drill down further into a single territory.


Specific Rooms:

Output View for Engineering: see in real-time what is happening within your facility: Create graphic representations of equipment, e.g. server racks to monitor temperature, humidity, amount of current and KW hour usage over time.

To specific devices:

Review specific function e.g. about state of the outputs and inputs, and control individual outputs.



Sky News Arabia required a comprehensive monitoring power monitoring solution so that they could identify any technical and environmental issues before they became serious

  • Providing a ‘window into each rack’ and enabling the remote surveying of critical infrastructure.
  • Data monitored includes total power used in each unit, current by outlet, power factor measurement, voltage, temperature, and fuse status.
  • Installed on a VMWare host, backed up by a cloud copy, and connected to the TSL Power Units over the regular IT network.
  • The commissioning of the software was carried out remotely from the headquarters of TSL Products in the UK.
  • Insite can create large quantities of probes at a time from csv files requiring only the IP address of the MDU, its unique name and rack position and the type of probe needed for the data that was required.
  • Each probe was configured to speak to each of the MDU’s every 30 seconds so that the Sky News engineers could get data readings every minute throughout the day, 24/7.
  • The solution speeds up fault finding, reducing the burden on operations and maximising facility up-time.
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