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Common Applications for InSite DCIM Solutions

InSite is highly flexible, virtualised and configurable infrastructure management solution which can monitor all aspects of a facility network from a centralised point.

With real-time web-based dashboards, alarming via e-mail or SMS and detailed reporting, InSite connects to IP devices and communicates the status, control and alarm parameters available over SNMP or Modbus. All data is stored in a database for historical reporting and trending information.

InSite provides seamless integration with TSL's PDUs and can also be used in parallel with TallyMan or any third-party control platform for further integration with detailed broadcast signal flow analysis. The addition of SNMP to our range of MPA1 audio monitors now means that TSL can span a greater part of your broadcast production facility with audio status reported to InSite and/or TallyMan, while TallyMan or any other SNMP control system can also take control of the MPA1 audio monitors. This setup has recently been installed at a leading-edge IP-based studio complex.

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Remote Monitoring for TX stations with a vast territory of unmanned stations.

InSite is used to provide clear visibility of the health of the system and providing instantaneous data on any faults occurring which might impact the running of the 24/7/365 facility. The system also removes need to have a site constantly monitored by onsite staff, allowing you to prioritise staffing resource more effectively.

By monitoring equipment status within each site and compare to other sites facilities can generate automatic invoices to customers hiring that facility. You can also reboot the failed kit remotely, and close down and bring inlets back online as needed. 

HVAC Failure

Apparatus rooms contain a lot of power, equipment, and environmental devices. If the A/C fails in unmanned rooms and the room starts to heat up due to the running processing power, this can lead to a complete loss of signal and therefore costly errors - entire rooms may need to be replaced due to the damage caused by high thermal load and void warranties.

The Insite system will be alerted via SNMP traps programmed to specific devices or by monitoring the status of a specific controller to bring these emergencies to attention of engineering staff if the system goes down. This staff can receive real-time email or SMS alerts.

The issues will also be logged in the InSite database and reports generated retrospectively to uncover the date and detail of when issues occur.

By adding in control functionality, engineers can used dedicated hardware panels to release salvo that will turn off non-essential equipment and reduce heat to allow essential equipment to keep running.


Sky News Arabia

Sky News Arabia required a comprehensive monitoring power monitoring solution so that they could identify any technical and environmental issues before they became serious

  • Providing a ‘window into each rack’ and enabling the remote surveying of critical infrastructure.
  • Data monitored includes total power used in each unit, current by outlet, power factor measurement, voltage, temperature, and fuse status.
  • Installed on a VMWare host, backed up by a cloud copy, and connected to the TSL Power Units over the regular IT network.
  • The commissioning of the software was carried out remotely from the headquarters of TSL Products in the UK.
  • Insite can create large quantities of probes at a time from csv files requiring only the IP address of the MDU, its unique name and rack position and the type of probe needed for the data that was required.
  • Each probe was configured to speak to each of the MDU’s every 30 seconds so that the Sky News engineers could get data readings every minute throughout the day, 24/7.
  • The solution speeds up fault finding, reducing the burden on operations and maximising facility up-time.
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