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TSL specialises in developing and delivering innovative and award-winning solutions that solve real-world problems for broadcast and media professionals. Our dedication to designing advanced hardware and software options in audio monitoring, control systems, and power management is driven by our commitment to meet the evolving needs of our customers. 

With a deep understanding of complex workflows fostered over a near 40-year heritage in the dynamic broadcast and media industry, TSL’s approach is independent and customer-centric with tailored products that seamlessly integrate into those complex workflows in areas including broadcast, data centres, aerospace, defence, live events and telecoms, ensuring reliability, efficiency and increased productivity.

TSL - We listen, We enable, We empower.

A unique entry into broadcast manufacturing

TSL has drawn on nearly four decades of TSL’s international systems integration experience to develop and deliver a range of top-quality products that meet the needs of today’s broadcasters.

The business began when TSL Systems couldn’t source the right solution for a particular project anywhere on the market. It simply developed its own solution and soon realised there was an undeniable gap in the wider market for audio monitoring systems.

It was this unique entry into manufacturing that has led TSL to where it is today.

This forward-thinking, compassionate and quick reaction to broadcasters’ needs has been nurtured further as the business has developed and expanded into Audio Monitoring, Broadcast Control Systems and Power Management.

With the formal announcement of its independence from TSL Systems in 2012, TSL continues to listen, respond and deliver solutions to serve the broadcast industry across the globe as an established and recognised manufacturer in its own right.

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