power management

Systems Managers are increasingly faced with guaranteed up-time targets across diversely located equipment facilities. In today’s cost-conscious and environmentally sensitive world, they may now also be required both to streamline maintenance and support teams, and to minimise energy consumption.

These challenges call for a comprehensive solution that – working remotely over wide or local area networks – can provide both monitoring and control of systems, and effective power management.

Our range of advanced Power Solutions provide just such system management and distribution capabilities:

  • Intelligent, intuitive, and already well proven in the global market
  • Monitor and control all rack-mounted equipment anywhere in the world
  • Manage power requirements while reducing overall costs.


Monitoring, Alarming and Logging Across Facilities.


Manage and track energy consumption.


How Power Monitoring Can Lead to Increased Efficiencies.


TSL’s PDU enable systems managers to monitor and control all rack-mounted equipment anywhere in the world and to manage power requirements while reducing overall costs.


Sky News Arabia required a comprehensive monitoring power monitoring solution so that they could identify any technical and environmental issues before they became serious

  • Providing a ‘window into each rack’ and enabling the remote surveying of critical infrastructure.
  • Data monitored includes total power used in each unit, current by outlet, power factor measurement, voltage, temperature, and fuse status.
  • Installed on a VMWare host, backed up by a cloud copy, and connected to the TSL Power Units over the regular IT network.
  • The commissioning of the software was carried out remotely from the headquarters of TSL Products in the UK.
  • Insite can create large quantities of probes at a time from csv files requiring only the IP address of the MDU, its unique name and rack position and the type of probe needed for the data that was required.
  • Each probe was configured to speak to each of the MDU’s every 30 seconds so that the Sky News engineers could get data readings every minute throughout the day, 24/7.
  • The solution speeds up fault finding, reducing the burden on operations and maximising facility up-time.