Full Audio Monitoring Range

Advances in technology enable the creation of ever more exciting content, as well as multiple possibilities for content delivery. Comprehensive audio monitoring tools are simply a ‘must have’ in order to help guarantee content quality and quality of service. Multichannel audio level meter displays, audio loudness measurement and audio metadata monitoring are at the very the foundation of what we do. However, as technologies evolve, TSL continues to work closely with our customers, developing audio solutions that not only meet their technical challenges but also serve to improve their workflows.




With the growing adoption of IP infrastructures, customers can monitor ST-2110, ST-2022-6 and Dante AoIP, alongside SDI, AES and Analogue sources, all from a single unit. Meet the PAM-IP.

The PAM-IP includes in-built features to diagnose and identify potential network issues e.g. Packet Counters, PTP Status and Senders and is supported by a comprehensive web-page that allows remote status monitoring, including the multicast addresses of all subscribed sources.

For customers working with traditional infrastructures, the PAM MK2 audio monitors provide the same interface and operational experience as the PAM-IP, including comprehensive loudness monitoring and Dolby Decoding capability.

Both the PAM-IP and PAM-MK2 come in 1RU and 2RU forms. 

  • Video Confidence Monitoring - view ST-2022-6, ST-2110-20 and SDI video content directly on the front panel of the PAM-IP or via its dedicated SDI output router.
  • Comprehensive Loudness Monitoring - check loudness levels for ST-2022-6, 2110-30, SDI, AES and Analogue audio sources.
  • Includes Primary and Secondary Dante ports, SDI, AES and Analogue connections for use with traditional infrastructures.
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  • Loudness Comprehensive - loudness monitoring with EBU and ATSC standards and Loudness Histogram display
  • Ultimate multichannel monitoring tool - Fully configurable analogue and digital multichannel outputs, route any audio channel to any monitoring output, native 5.1 aware with Downmix function.
  • Monitoring Output - Configurable SDI Output with quadrant display
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PAM MK2 and PAM-IP With Dolby
  • All the same features as the PAM-MK2 and PAM-IP, with optional Dolby Monitoring
  • Full support for Dolby E®, Dolby Digital® and Dolby Digital Plus®, Monitor Dolby E line position and Dolby CRC error, SMPTE 2020 support with Audio delay
  • Complete with comprehensive Metadata analysis.
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Audio monitoring tools with the ability to adapt, based on application, skillset or personal preference can address the ever-changing audio monitoring requirements.

  • Customisable Configurations: The only audio monitor that can be configured specifically to address the needs of different applications, skillets and workflows.
  • Protected Configurations: Engineers and supervisors can restrict sources, modes and front panel functions to streamline operation and reduce user error.
  • Optional Licenses: A flexible and powerful audio monitoring platform whose feature set can change with your requirements, including optional MADI support or Loudness Monitoring.
  • Due to its agile design, the SAM-Q is equally at home in all manner of use cases, from OB Trucks and Studios to Playout and Distribution.

  • Bringing the freedom to monitor SDI, AES and Analogue audio sources with maximum operational effciency
  • With no extra hardware required, SAM-Q-SDI customers can purchase 1 or 2 optional MADI Input license options at any time providing monitoring and mixing of up to 128 MADI sources.
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Operational Modes
  • Meter Modes - A traditional audio meter mode, displaying 16 Audio Level Meters view with single and multiple audio channel selection
  • Video Modes - 16 Audio Level Meters with single and multiple channel selection complete with video condence display

  • Mix Mode - A graphical representation showing the relative mix levels of up to 16 channels of audio, complete with Mix channel selection.
  • Names Mode - Displays the source names of 8 audio pairs, with audio presence displays, complete with multiple channel monitoring selection.
  • Loudness Monitoring Mode - 8 independent loudness probes, providing Short-Term, Momentary and Loudness Monitoring.
MPA1 Range

MPA1 Range

The MPA1 product family provides quick and simple operation, with each model
available as a Solo or Mix variant.

  • Compact and Lightweight – All MPA1 monitors share the same 1RU form factor at only 100mm deep, with a built in power supply and are ideally suited for where space and weight is a premium, such as OB Trucks, Flyaways, SNG and ENG Trucks
  • TSL ‘DNA’ – All MPA1 products benefit from TSL’s significant history and experience in developing professional audio monitoring products for use in the most demanding of broadcast environments.
  • Ease of Use – Offering both simple and intuitive control, the MPA1 range has been designed to enable the smoothest of workflows for operators and engineers working under high pressure such as with live production.
  • Web GUI - All MPA1 range can be configured, controlled and monitored via a web interface. Facility wide management of all the MPA1 is now possible from a single desktop PC.

MPA1 Dante
  • MPA1 Dante - Instant ‘at-a-glance’ notification of 64 Dante/AES 67 audio streams on their front panel displays with display of 64 audio streams derived from its dedicated MADI input.
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  • MPA1 MADI - High quality audio monitoring of 64 MADI audio channels with audio level meter display showing 16 MADI channels.

SDI and Analogue
  • MPA1 SDI - High quality audio monitoring of SDI, AES and Analogue audio sources.
  • MPA1 8 - Audio level meter display showing all Analogue or all AES sources simultaneously.
Audio At Your Fingertips

Audio At Your Fingertips

Broadcasters and content producers need flexible and intuitive tools for dynamic TV production environments which allow custom mix of any audio input for 3G-SDI, AES, MADI or Analogue.

  • SAM1 is a mid-range audio monitoring solution where fast, intuitive monitoring is needed from multiple sources with SDI, AES, Analogue and MADI.
  • T-MIX takes the SAM1 functionality, adding an extra I/O, a touchscreen display and discrete 5.1 mixing. Any input can be routed to the front panel, providing unrivalled exibility

  • Broadcast Facilities – check that the language tracks match the correct channel order before final TX.
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  • Outside Broadcasts – allows operators to monitor MADI via a coax or fibre input to quickly check the integrity of the signal.
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  • Fast Turnaround Events – allows operators working in any environment to create a well-balanced custom mix from various input sources.
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Desk Top Loudness Monitoring

Desk Top Loudness Monitoring

PAM PiCo is a compact and comprehensively equipped Audio and Loudness meter featuring the revolutionary StarFish™ display. As a portable device the PAM PiCo is ideal for sound engineers on the move.

  • Loudness measurement to many international standards – including EBU, ITU and ATSC
  • International scale options including BBC, EBU Digital, EBU PPM, DIN, Nordic and VU • Moving Coil meter emulation
  • Video Preview, Phase indication bargraph and StarFish™ display (Surround Sound Applications)
  • Numerical indication of Loudness and range (LRA), Variable gate settings and True Peak display
  • Online upgrade and update via PC, Desk or rack mount and a range of I/O
  • FTT spectrum analyser and Loudness Logging Application

PAM PiCo Five
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PAM PiCo One
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PAM PiCo Twp
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