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Integrated Control for Newsroom Production

MOS Rundown Playout Control for ENPS and iNews based Systems

A robust MOS Gateway with interfaces to ENPS, iNews and others for reliable and cost-effective integration between existing video servers and newsrooms systems. As part of the Flex Network the MOS system can also provide control of switchers, graphics systems and routers for secondary events.

  • Newsroom workflows are often complex, with many involved in creating the content – journalists, and field reporters, to editors, news directors, producers and on-air control room staff.
  • Newsroom systems such as iNews and ENPS are the beating heart of any newsroom workflow, however they tend to fall short with the more ‘mundane’ tasks within the production.
  • For example, a network with local news at each of their outlets may benefit from a control and management system that can facilitate the production of quality newscasts in their most high-profile, competitive stations.
  • By integrating the Flex Network MOS Playout System to existing newsroom workflows they can keep stories and their associated visuals in sync, manage last-minute changes, and control peripherals and secondary events.

With a straightforward architecture, shallow learning curve and operator-centric user interface, the MOS Playout System can be easily configured to fit specific aspects of any workflow to:

  • Reduce on-air errors.
  • Cut operator training time.
  • Help control room staff focus their attention on content and production value.
  • Scalable for Current and Future Workflows
  • Windows-based Rundown Builder and On-Air Interface
  • Controls Four Server Channels & Router or Production Switcher
  • Broadcast-proven Device Control
  • Works with Existing Equipment
  • Control GPI Outputs & more from Rundown

Powered by the GTP-32 Control Processor

The GTP-32 Processor drives the interfaces between the control system and existing newsroom systems, offering shared control between positions and facilities. The GPT-32 allows you to set up secondary events and triggers that can be configured to make your systems even more powerful.