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Monitor commercial breaks and provide prompt notifications in real time.

At TSL we are SCTE experts and can handle all aspects of SCTE and customize event actions for your workflow including:

  • Custom program actions for Ad insertion down to the local level and verification for billing
  • Establish manual overrides for automation system playout for Live Events and News Alerts
  • Monitoring content for proper playout and providing alerts
  • Generate, verify and inject SCTE Data for network distribution
  • Establish actions for Program Guide information and updates

SCTE Control In Action - Automated and Live Content Production.


The Facility produces a mix of live and automated content, switching between them over the course of a day. During automated content, commercials are played out on a fixed schedule. During live content, commercials are triggered periodically by production personnel a fixed number of times per hour.

The facility needs to monitor the insertion of contracted commercial break start and end messages on four originated network feeds. SCTE messages are monitored at selected points in the signal path within the facility.


The Flex Control Network receives a copy of the daily automation playlist to determine the exact time of day that pre-scheduled events should occur, as well as when a network will transition between automated and live content:

  • During automated content, the Flex Network checks every received event to confirm that it occurs at the correct time and is of the correct type based on the scheduled automation playlist.
  • During live content, the Flex Network reports when a commercial break starts or
  •  In both modes of operation, the Flex Network reports an error message if specified signals are not detected during a predefined period of

Operators check the state of events as they occur, as well as to monitor for any errors:

  • view the events based on a specific network or across all networks that they are assigned to
  • When an error does occur, engineers are notified via email so that the problem can be resolved in a timely
  • Error notifications also trigger GPI Outputs and display messages on multi-viewers located around the

The Flex Network logs of all events and errors for every monitored network. Logs files are automatically transferred daily to the customer’s archive storage system.

Take Control with the Flex Control Network, powered by TSL Control to deliver reliable performance across large scale and complex broadcasting operations.

By investing in a system that not only “plays nice” with other supplier’s equipment but is highly adaptable and easy to configure as new or upgraded devices are added to the mix, adjustments are easily implemented without disrupting on-air streams.