Control Processor GTP

The GTP is a “control infrastructure” that is expandable and adaptable, which can be easily configured and re-configured as equipment and the needs of the facility change with no programming or scripting required - a problem solver for VTR / DDR / Video Server play out control and monitoring, GPI routing, Router control and monitoring, Graphics control, SCTE command generation, SCTE A/B Switch, Video A/B Switch control and monitoring, local and remote, Shared control between control positions and control facilities.

GTP Control Processor options include:

  • Virtual & Cloud-based Control with the GTP-V1
  • IP Integration with Network Control using the GTP-30
  • Facility Transition with IP & Serial control with the GTP-31
  • Covering all the bases IP, Serial & GPI’s with the GTP-32

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      • Controls and monitors equipment in the same room, on another floor, in another building, across town, and around the world.
      • Works with a wide range of broadcast and production equipment.
      • Supports an extensive list of equipment control protocols.
      • Can be easily configured and re-configured as equipment and the needs of the facility change.
      • No programming or scripting required.
      • Create a button panel solution by simply connecting a Universal Switch Panel to your GTP-32 Control Processor
      • Change GPI control to serial and Ethernet control.
      • Change serial and Ethernet status to GPI status.
      • Take GPI triggers from “old reliable” to control and monitor the new gear.
      • Event Logs
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      • Supports GPI/O, Serial, Ethernet, LAN, WAN, VPN, Internet, TCP/ IP, UDP, SNMP, SCTE, and more
      • 32- GPI
      • 32- GPO
      • 4 x Serial Ports
      • 2 x Ethernet Ports
      • RS422/RS232
      • Web Server
      • Built in Diagnostics
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