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Station networks running a wider-area operation need tools that allow them to maximize the investment of their business model removes production roadblocks and allows you to expand the lifecycle of invested hardware.

Any system must allow you to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Share resource, accessed from anywhere
  • Reduce duplication
  • Get more use out of existing kit.

Lastly, any system must be easy to operate and manage, where operators can be easily trained, the solutions are easy to set up and are independent of any specific manufacturer.

Learn how you can achieve this and more with TSL's Insights Hub dedicated to the need to Station Network Groups.

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From the Hub:

Remove Your Broadcast Roadblocks
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Agile control to Streamline NewProduction
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Take Control Across Station Groups - From Anywhere
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Want to Know More About the Flex Control Network?

Flex is a distributed network made up of three very powerful device nodes – the network control processor, button panels to trigger commands and data conversion solutions to expand interface capabilities of any system.

  • Add that extra bit of functionality you need without extensive configuration costs.
  • Fully customisable panels and interfaces enhance and streamline operational workflows.
  • Easily share resources between control rooms and studios and opening up interfaces between legacy and new kit.
  • Take a third-party controller and give it access to any device, removing the need for extensive protocol development.
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