Advanced Solutions for OB Trucks

In this fast-paced environment, it is essential that broadcasters have reliable, flexible tools that fit seamlessly in to their operations and offer ease of use and familiarity as personnel shift and move between productions. 

Control Systems for OB Trucks

Increasing demands on resources, budgets, and the rapid adoption of IP and remote production means that it is essential for control systems to be able to hide underlying system complexities so that operators can remain focused on making great content.

Simply and efficiently configure broadcast trucks, whilst sharing and managing resources between your systems to save time, space and money.

  • Camera assign – Assign camera names to CCUs effortlessly.
  • Joystick multiplexing – Use fewer RCPs to control multiple CCUs and assign cameras to RCPs on the fly.
  • Tally management – Complete scalable tally solution across multiple OB trucks.
  • VTR Control - manage VTRs with single or ganged control, from basic transport control to cue points, slow-motion control and two-machine cuts editing.
  • Facility Expansion - Maximise up-time and manage variable demand by simply docking trucks to larger broadcast facilities seamlessly as needed. Delegate control and information while minimising setup time.
  • Video/audio routing – Routing control over video and audio routers. Single cross point, associated sources, and salvos.
  • InterTruckability - Quickly and simply interact to share all device information, managing names, control and tally across systems. Signal patching is reduced as tielines become dynamic, naming problems are eliminated and logic patching is performed virtually.
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Audio for OB Trucks

Every person, production, environment, operation and application is different, universal tools no longer work and versatility is key.

All Mobile Video (AMV)

  • AMV has invested in TSL Product's advanced audio and video monitors to help with its growing TV production schedule.
  • Now featuring seven IP-equipped, large-format trucks in the US, AMV's production fleet captures high-profile events such as the GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet.
  • AMV has added over 40 TSL units to its trucks, including the PAM2-IP, the MPA!-MADI and MPA1-DANTE
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