Expansion Units ESP-1R+

This GPIO expansion unit for TallyMan Control Systems connects to a System Controller over IP. The ESP-1R+ can be used to expand the available GPIO or simply provide GPIO in a remote location.

The TallyMan Interface unit, the ESP-1R+ consists of 1 x 32 tally input, 32 x open collector tally output, 64 x isolated relays O/Ps, 1 x RS422 and 1 x ethernet

    • 32 Parallel inputs
    • 32 Open collector parallel outputs
    • 64 Isolated relay outputs
    • i/ps and open collector o/ps configured in blocks of 8
    • RS422 serial port for added connectivity
    • Ethernet connection to the TallyMan system
    • Form: 1RU Rackmount
    • ENET: 1 x 100Mb Ethernet Ports
    • GPI: 32
    • GPO: 32 (Open Collector) + 64 (Isolated Relay)
    • Serial 1 x RS422
    • Power Consumption: 25w
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TSL Products’ commitment to supporting emerging IP standards such as AES-67, SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 gave us the confidence we needed in the PAM2-IP to provide the audio monitoring we required at RTL City. Additionally, knowing that we could deploy the PAM2-IP in our new all-IP infrastructure without being forced to change our operational workflows was fundamental to our purchase decision.

Costas Colombus, Director of Technology projects and Support at BCE.