Flashboard is a cost-effective and highly customisable display system that provides critical information at point of use, for display on monitor walls or distributed wirelessly to tablets.

Built on 20+ years of broadcast control experience, Flashboard helps to better coordinate and organise production workflow, delivering essential operational information and replacing separate clocks, cue lamps, production timers and printed paper within a unified system. This means a more efficient workflow with fewer opportunities for error.

Where to Buy
  • Modular – grow the systems as your requirements increase.
  • Quick setup – simply plug in to your network.
  • Dynamic display – show multiple actions on one screen.
  • Customisable – easy to design and configure.
  • Interface – compatible with TallyMan and third party control systems.
  • Pre-prepared designs - achieve the perfect match for your needs.


Turkuvaz Media Group (TMG) is Turkey’s largest private media group operating in television, radio broadcasting, as well as newspaper and magazine publication and printing.

“We use FlashBoard for critical information distribution all around the building for studio planning information, on-air cu lighting and all other employee related information. It helps us to keep al staff up to date and organised on the projects that are underway and Live.”

China Sports Media is the leading sports broadcaster in China, and holds the rights to China’s top-flight football as well as many other Chinese and Asian events. With a huge amount of coverage to manage, keeping track of what was happening in each studio became a challenge for staff and visitors alike as they moved around the production hub.

“We found that it was hard to keep track of what each studio was doing without referring to paper,” said Zhu Jianping, Technical Director at China Sports Media. “We spoke to a lot of broadcasters who were very supportive of TSL Products and their control and display systems. We were introduced to FlashBoard which was exactly what we were looking for. As well as providing all the information we need to be more effective, it is also an opportunity for us to reinforce our brand identity.”

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For general TV & News production with control rooms and studios.

  • Production timers for when shows start and end.
  • Regional timers.
  • Tally Lights for accurate timing information.
  • View the output of multiple studios with embedded video feeds.
  • For Audience entrance to live Studios.
  • Multiviewers can be configured show clocks, tallies and automation countdowns when integrated with a control system.
  • Drag and drop software allows you to design and add the components needed according to your operations.
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Flashboard can work standalone, or as part of an extended advanced control system delivered by TallyMan or third party interfaces to manage status and alarms, dynamic studio information and much more.