Addressing the challenges of IP for audio

By Stephen Brownsill, Audio Product Manager, TSL Products

In this months' TVB Europe, I address some of the key challenges that our customers are facing with regards to audio over IP.

With customers now realising the benefits of IP infrastructures using SMPTE 2022-6 and the soon to be ratified SMPTE 2110, what does this mean for those needing to manage and monitor audio? Whilst the transition to IP is certainly allowing for new efficiencies in operation, and for new business models, it is by no means a guarantee of increased revenues.

So, as ever, the expectation remains for customers to do more with less, and to reach more and more consumers across multiple platforms with the same or fewer staff. A key challenge for any audio solution is to create and present an operational experience that is both simple and intuitive, regardless of the method being used to carry audio throughout a broadcast facility. The transition to IP infrastructures, coupled with the need to do more with less, only serves to increase the importance of being able to address this challenge.

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