TSL Products Presents Latest Audio Monitoring and Broadcast Control System Solutions at SET Expo 2019

Company to Feature its Newly Released SAM-Q-SDI as well as its IP Control Buddy and Anything Interface Boxes

TSL Products, a leading designer and manufacturer of broadcast workflow solutions, will feature its latest audio and control solutions at SET Expo 2019, alongside systems integration partner Line Up. TSL will highlight updates to its audio monitoring offerings, including its SAM-Q Platform, PAM-IP and its MPA1 lines. In addition, it will showcase its new IP Control Buddy as well as the range of Anything Interface Boxes.

TSL will also feature updates to its PAM-IP line and its expansive functionalities beyond audio and video monitoring. The PAM2-IP is capable of monitoring uncompressed video and audio for SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 networks. Its functionality includes loudness measurement, fully configurable metering and multi-channel monitoring. Recognising the importance of edge device control within IP infrastructures, customers can now choose either ‘In-Band’ or ‘Out-of-Band’ to control with their PAM-IP audio monitors. Using a TSL or 3rd party control system, ST-2110 and ST-2022-6 multicast subscriptions made by the PAM-IP can now be determined using Ember+, NMOS or TSL’s own Audio API protocol. To support this, the new PAM-IP webpage provides remote status monitoring of the sources being subscribed to, along with PTP status and IP packet counters, all serving to provide confidence when monitoring audio and video within an IP infrastructure.

Also being shown at SET will be the latest release of its MPA1 audio monitoring range including improved audio metering for the MPA1-SOLO-MADI and MPA1-SOLO-DANTE as well as improved control capabilities via SNMP for all MPA1 audio monitors. These reliable and compact monitors enable end-users to monitor audio with confidence. 

In addition to its enterprise level control platforms, customers at SET will be able to learn about TSL’s range of self-contained control systems, which can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with third-party systems to quickly and cost-effectively give operators the control they need over the devices they use. Within this range is the IP Control Buddy, a powerful yet compact system that controls any GPI/O-, Serial- and IP-enabled device. Scaling from one to four buttons, the IP Control Buddy can perform simple ‘on/off’-style actions or trigger complex salvos, and its compact size makes it perfect for flyaway kits and quick-press production tasks. Configuration for any control and monitoring application is made easy with the ‘programmer-free’ web browser.

Also being shown at SET Expo is the AIB-4. The company’s range of Anywhere Interface Boxes (AIBs) are designed specifically for A/V, radio, industrial and TV broadcasting market segments, and allow users to bridge systems and achieve optimal functionality without performing any programming. For device management and interface flexibility, the AIB series offers up to 16 GPI/Os and multiple device control paths, with the AIB-4 also providing Ethernet, 2-way DTMF and dial-up modem. The AIBs transport GPIs and On-Air Tallies into the field, wherever you need them – across cities, states and even continents – remotely from your home facility.  

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