TSL Products Meets Sports Production Demands 

TSL Products has experienced a continued expanded uptake of its broadcast control system offerings to meet the specific needs of sports broadcasters.
Using TSL’s control tools to support remote production in particular, local production teams can maximise their resources and take control of devices located anywhere, allowing them to save time and investment when it matters most. 
“The conversation about broadcast sports solutions and applications today is heavily focused on remote production, and all the major events and broadcasters are seeking solutions that are quick and simple to implement,” said Mark Davies, Director of Products and Technology at TSL Products. “Our control offerings allow customers to quickly set up systems and take control of their configurations – making TSL’s control platforms incredible versatile for live productions. At TSL Products, we strive to provide our customers with reliable gear that simplifies and expedites remote command and control over production capabilities. This is especially important for sports productions, where there’s an audience of millions, and no margin for error.” 
TSL’s device controllers can be used to pass camera tally signals and trigger graphics between multiple production trucks and venues. Tallies can tell the hands-on operator that the camera is ‘live’ and selected on a production switcher for use on-air. Delegating who has control over what camera tallies and what resources at a remote site can be configured ahead of the game, or even while live on air, saving precious time in these high-speed environments. Additionally, the company’s kit is perfect for production fly-packs deployed to remote game sites communicating with a local system at the home base facility to route tallies from production studio to the event location.
TSL inherited an ingest management solution as part of its acquisition of DNF Controls in April 2019. These solutions have been designed with a sports broadcaster’s high-volume recording facility in mind, where sometimes overwhelming amounts of incoming material must be secured. Specifically, the company’s GTP-32 Control Processor offers a simple, cost-effective, and easily accessible solution, which can be configured for multiple simultaneous ingest channels, with units located remotely. The GTP-32 delivers conditional operator control and monitoring over a range of broadcast production equipment across cities, states and countries.
When reconfiguring requirements for OB trucks, TSL’s controllers enable broadcasters to achieve interoperability, regardless of differing manufacturers and format specifications, whilst Virtual Panels provide control over these devices via feature-rich intuitive, drag-and-drop controls, allowing users to customise production setups and visualise their control workflows. This brings all key operations together into an intuitive and easy-to-maintain interface. 
Everything is pre-configured prior to production, which requires minimal labour and training to operate effectively, resulting in a substantial decrease in the potential for mistakes and increase in operational cost savings. In addition to interfacing to devices and their functions, presets can be established across workflows, allowing the operator to easily take control of configuration and key functions, when required.