TSL Products Supports U.S. SMPTE Chapter Student Recruitment Program

TSL’s Greg Siers Joins Industry Leaders in a Program That Encourages Young Students To Consider a Career in Broadcast Engine

Washington, D.C. – November 8, 2018TSL Products  is proud to announce that they have joined the initiative to inspire young professionals to consider broadcast engineering as an exciting career opportunity. In conjunction with Washington D.C.’s SMPTE chapter of media and broadcast engineers, TSL Products joined other industry leaders at “Media Forward,” an event held on November 8 to address a large group of students in the United States capitol region about career development, technology areas of growth in the marketplace and to provide first-hand experiences and advice on how to spot and land career opportunities within the media and broadcast sectors.

The North American broadcast industry has a significantly elder population of engineering staff without many younger apprentices taking the reigns once these engineers retire. TSL Products believes that a passion for engineering and innovation is key to long term success, and that this not only true for working professionals in the broadcast industry, but also for those who have yet to join its ranks. As a result, TSL Products plans to continue its efforts locally and globally to ensure a bright future for the industry.

Greg Siers, Director of Sales in North America for TSL Products, recently addressed a group of students at Montgomery College’s Technical Broadcast Training Facility in Rockville, Maryland. “When people think of working in entertainment, they immediately want to be the next Spielberg, or a director, or a performer. They generally do not aspire to be a broadcast engineer, a technical director or an AD. Why is that?,” Siers asked in the open forum. “Through our efforts with SMPTE we are aiming to showcase the excitement and benefit of working in a technological-based field that is continually evolving,” he says.

This interactive forum was the first of the SMPTE student regional chapter, a pilot program coordinated by SMPTE and an all-volunteer group of partners in the area designed to promote broadcast engineering as a career worth exploring for the younger generation. TSL Products joined the direct grassroots effort again this November to inspire young people who might have a “knack” for this line of work but have no idea where to start.

 “My career goals are to use the power of broadcast media to inform, educate and spread awareness of important social and environmental issues,” says Molli Chang, SMPTE Student Chapter Co-President/Coordinator. “The SMPTE Student Chapter is helping students like myself to achieve career goals by providing the tools, educational opportunities and connections needed to further our careers, while TSL is playing a key role in building the next generation of broadcasters by bringing its technology to students. By exposing students to cutting edge technology, TSL Products can inspire and excite those passionate about entering the broadcast industry.”

 “We are thrilled to have Greg represent the TSL Products team and join our initiative of inspiring students to consider the more technical side of the entertainment industry,” says Maciej Ochman, SMPTE Washington, DC Section Manager who oversees the organization of the event. “Our goal is to encourage and offer resources and mentors for the next generation of broadcast engineers and innovators.”

To learn more about the Media Forward events please visit https://www.smpte.org.  


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