TSL Joins IBC Connect & Produce Anywhere – Phase II Accelerator

🗞️We are Excited to announce that TSL will be participating in the IBC Connect & Produce Anywhere – Phase II Accelerator! TSL is bringing a whole range of vendor-neutral control surfaces and live production monitoring and control workflows to the project & upcoming demos (*including at European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Network Technology Seminar 18th &19th June.)

Led by Champions BBC, BT Media and Broadcast, Sky Sports, Channel 4, TV2 ØST, and Vodafone Group. This special Incubator project follows the build and development of an all-IP, edge-first, multi-cloud, multi-software test bed environment that was created in the 2023 Accelerator Programme.

The project will look to push further innovation through experimentation in the following areas: environmental monitoring and measurement; orchestration; deployment (including containerisation) observability; other transport elements and business case and licence options.