🌟 TSL Control Wins Big at Digital Media World Awards 🌟

X-Connect: IP Routing Control System has become a Digital Media World Award Winner! This is its 4th award win, a testament to its adaptable, affordable and innovative design.

X-Connect is a control layer that ensures all the individual pieces of a broadcaster’s audio and video kit can easily be found, launched and managed across a network that utilises IP media routing. The simple-to-use software can be added to any existing infrastructure as it utilises NMOS and is vendor-agnostic, making it compatible with virtually all media devices.

Facilities can reuse legacy broadcast controllers and operator control surfaces while allowing engineers to add modern ST-2110 endpoints to their facility, which will:
• Save money
• Reuse existing skills
• Maintain productivity
• Increase sustainability

For greenfield or standalone ST-2110 systems, X-Connect can provide a complete ST-2110 broadcast control solution, with tally, at a much more affordable price than other ST-2110 control solutions.

X-Connect has even been deployed by Fortune 500 companies for corporate and conference applications, as well as Berklee College’s NYC campus.

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