MARLOW, UK – 8 September 2014 – The latest software release for TSL Products’ PAM audio monitoring range will add SMPTE2020 metadata monitoring and an automated downmix feature. The new upgrade, which is backward-compatible with all PAM MK2 systems, is ideal for Sound Control Rooms, Master Control (MCR), Transmission, Playout, Ingest and QC or any function within the broadcast ecosystem where audio signal integrity checking is paramount.

SMPTE2020, or S2020, is a method of carrying audio metadata in the same data stream as the video and embedded discrete audio without the use Dolby encoder technology such as Dolby E. The S2020 data packet is generally encoded within Line 9 of the SDI signal stream VANC space. Replicating Dolby Metadata information whilst maintaining a discrete embedded audio infrastructure, S2020 can be used in any application where metadata is authored or transported for ultimate transmission to the home viewer via a Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus stream.

The PAM S2020 software update equips all MK2 PAM products with the ability to extract S2020 Metadata, to display the key parameters within dedicated screen views and automatically downmix the discrete 5.1 audio channels to stereo using the associated LoRo Metadata values.

Martin Dyster, Director, Head of Audio, TSL Products, said, “PAM is the audio confidence monitor of choice for hundreds of broadcasters worldwide. Adding S2020 Metadata monitoring and the auto-downmix feature reinforces our claim to provide the world’s most comprehensively featured precision audio monitoring solution.”

The S2020 software release, which also includes a number of performance enhancements to both PAM1 and PAM2 MK2 audio monitoring units, is available as a free download to any purchasers of either model. The release and the .zip file can be downloaded fromhttp://www.tslproducts.com/support/software-updated-applications/