TSL Products Enhances Audio Range with SMPTE 2110 and Ember+ Support at NAB 2018

TSL Continues to Deliver Products Built on Open Standards to Provide the Upmost Flexibility for an Industry in Transition

Las Vegas, NV – March 2, 2018 – TSL Products will showcase the latest updates to its range of audio monitoring products, including SMPTE 2110 and Ember+ protocol support, as well as new additions to the MPA1 range at NAB 2018 at Booth #N5615.

PAM-IP Range Now Supports SMPTE 2110 for Essence-based Deployment

In response to the recent ratification of SMPTE 2110, TSL Products’ PAM1-IP and PAM2-IP audio monitoring units now support the modern suite of standards. This new support positions TSL as the only manufacturer of audio monitoring units capable of monitoring uncompressed SMPTE 2110 Video and Audio streams for deployment in essence-based workflows. The addition of SMPTE 2110 maintains a product line built on open standards and design, whilst existing PAM-IP customers already working with SMPTE 2022-6 can easily upgrade their  units to SMPTE 2110 in the field.

With over 1,000 TallyMan Systems deployed worldwide, TSL Products is also bringing its experience in control and system integration to the fore in its audio monitoring solutions through a growing list of control protocols. To this end, both the PAM1-IP and PAM2-IP precision audio monitors now support Ember+ protocol, allowing them to be deployed within an ever-growing number of IP facilities and OB trucks.

“The addition of SMPTE 2110 and Ember+ aims to address the complexities customers face when making the transition to IP,” says Stephen Brownsill, Audio Product Manager, TSL Products. “We continue to adopt a flexible approach in consultation with our customers to help ensure a seamless shift for those customers moving from traditional broadcast environments to total IP production and delivery. Maintaining support for open standards and the adoption of multiple control protocols, including Ember+, ensures that our customers’ investments are future-proof, whilst maintaining a familiar operational experience that will allow broadcasters to focus on producing great content rather than the technical details of the underlying infrastructure.”

MPA1 Range Expands Compatibility and Introduces New Monitors

TSL’s MPA1 range has several updates that will premiere at this year’s NAB Show. The MPA1-MIX-DANTE and MPA1-SOLO-DANTE confidence audio monitors now support AES67 audio as part of the ST-2110 standard, making them suitable for monitoring Dante® and AES67 audio.

Continuing the recognition for enhanced connectivity of its devices, TSL’s MPA1 audio monitoring range now supports SNMP. MPA1 customers can now realise more comprehensive and streamlined workflows, whilst also benefitting from smarter and more intelligent integrated solutions where users can remotely control their MPA1’s using TSL’s TallyMan control system or any third-party control system supporting SNMP. This free software upgrade increases the existing feature set of all MPA1 confidence monitors, bringing further value to both new and existing customers.

New to the MPA1 range of audio monitors are the MPA1 MIX SDI, MPA1-SOLO-8 and MPA1-MIX-8, which offer an extended range of connectivity already available in the MPA1 line. Both the MPA1-SOLO-8 and MPA1-MIX-8 come equipped with 16 x balanced analogue Inputs, 8 x AES Inputs and 8 x GPIO ports. As with all MPA1 products, both the MPA1-SOLO-8 and MPA1-MIX-8 come complete with a built-in Web-server to allow remote configuration and control and third-party control using SNMP.

With the MPA1-SOLO-8, users can browse through analogue and AES audio sources using simple scroll-to-listen functionality. The front panel display offers quick and easy operation by providing high-quality audio level metering, audio phase meters and source names. With the MPA1-MIX-8, users can create stereo monitoring mixes comprising up to 8 x audio pairs from any combination of the analogue and AES audio sources. Up to 16 mixes can be created with ease and instantly recalled from the front panel using the scroll to listen functionality. The presence of configurable GPIO ports, allow for new “DIM” and “CUT” modes to be activated on the MPA1-MIX-8 and MPA1-SOLO-8 audio monitors.

The new MPA1-MIX-SDI builds upon the success of the MPA1-SOLO-SDI and allows up to 16 stereo monitoring mixes comprising up to 8 stereo pairs to be created and quickly recalled, both form the front panel or remotely via the Webpage or using SNMP. Stereo monitoring mixes can be created using any combination of audio pairs derived from 2 x SDI inputs, 1 x AES input and 1 x balanced analogue input pair.

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