TSL Products Showcases IP for Device Control and NMOS Technology Demo at IBC 2019

Expanded Functionalities for its Advanced Broadcast Control System Also on Display


AMSTERDAM, AUGUST 28, 2019 – Interoperability remains at the forefront as the industry transitions to IP-based workflows. For TSL Products, a leading designer and manufacturer of broadcast workflow solutions, it has applied its in-depth knowledge of system control to address this evolving industry need. At IBC 2019 (Stand 10.B41), TSL will demonstrate its thinking around control and management in ST-2110 IP networks in light of the work it is has been undertaking as members of the AMWA NMOS initiative. TSL will also showcase updates to its advanced broadcast control system product offerings in addition to an expanded range of universal controls and display systems.

“In addition to showcasing our product lines, we are also hosting a technical demonstration at our booth that addresses device discovery and registration, device connection and management, and event and tally management,” says Mark Davies, Director of Products and Technology at TSL Products. “We will also be showing how our control solutions fit into key applications across the broadcast chain, allowing deep-dive conversations with customers on how they can build a control ecosystem that allows them to maintain ownership of these systems.”

TSL will demonstrate various new control functions as part of its advanced control offerings within mater control, playout and transmission. These updates include MOS Integration with ENPS and iNews to simplify newsroom production automation by allowing users to take control of the critical devices that they depend on. For playout automation, customers can now cost-effectively and easily create primary or backup/tertiary automation systems, with simple and reliable control over video and graphics playout devices for live programming. Additionally, users can also now manage, switch and distribute SCTE commands manually or via automated controls with real time monitoring and notifications when an event occurs.

Lastly, the addition of delegation and control routing, means customers can dynamically allocate access to and control over playout and branding resources as needed among multiple control rooms to create a highly adaptable, scalable, & configurable control infrastructure, whilst delegating exclusive control by schedule or on-demand.

Launching at IBC 2019, is a range of new universal control surfaces and interfaces, including the IP Control Buddy as well as the range of Anything Interface Boxes. TSL’s IP Control Buddy is a powerful yet compact system that controls any GPI/O-, Serial- and IP-enabled device. Scaling from one to four buttons, the IP Control Buddy can perform simple ‘on/off’-style actions or trigger complex salvos, and its compact size makes it perfect for flyaway kits and quick-press production tasks.

The company’s range of Anywhere Interface Boxes (AIBs) are designed specifically for A/V, radio, industrial and TV broadcasting market segments, and allow users to bridge systems and achieve optimal functionality without performing any programming. For device management and interface flexibility, the AIB series offers up to 16 GPI/Os and multiple device control paths, with the AIB-4 also providing Ethernet, 2-way DTMF and dial-up modem. The AIBs transport GPIs and On-Air Tallies into the field, wherever you need them – across cities, states and even continents – remotely from your home facility.  

Configuration for any control and monitoring application is made easy with the ‘programmer-free’ web browser.

TSL also offers software-based control surfaces that allow broadcasters to visualise their control workflows and bring all key operations together into an intuitive and easy to maintain interface. Users of Virtual Panels, can maintain their systems with minimal training, easily configuring presets for full studio controls, routing panels, signal flows and source names.

Meanwhile, FlashBoard, a  screen-based technical display system, helps coordinate facility-wide operations for expedient information sharing. TSL recognised customers’ increasing need to visualise critical workflow information and has designed FlashBoard to integrate seamlessly with TSL or any other third-party control system. At IBC, TSL will demonstrate the addition of several features to FlashBoard’s interface, including sophisticated system and world clocks, up-down production timers, on-air and cue light indication, on-screen branding, web-based content display and video tiles.

“We strive to establish seamless interoperability with all our control solutions, whether customers use our products exclusively or integrate them within larger third-party systems,” adds Davies. “Our range of interfaces enables production teams to implement cost-effective workflow solutions complete with functionality and compliance  for single applications though through to enterprise solutions.”