First Baptist Church of Jacksonville Achieves Seamless Interoperability with TSL Products’ TallyMan

Advanced Control System Platform Connects New and Legacy Equipment Across a Single Production Surface

Jacksonville, FL, June 20, 2019 – In order to achieve a flexible tally communication between its legacy and new production equipment, First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, FL (FBC JAX) recently integrated TSL Products’ TallyMan control system into its control room upgrade.

With four distinct campuses across the city, FBC JAX was specifically looking for a means of integrating a new Ross Ultrix 12G Router with the facility’s 12-year-old Sony MVS switcher. According to Ballard, the TallyMan’s “single box solution” and extensive interface library spanning modern IP and legacy serial protocols provided an immediate means of achieving interconnectivity between older and new equipment.  

TallyMan’s intuitive interface enables users to establish seamless communication between all production equipment on a single, unified layer. It provides a diverse array of control resources, capable of acting as a standalone solution for small facilities or part of a multi-controller system for an infinitely expandable solution.

For live production, Ballard says that TallyMan provides his team with “far better insight” than ever before, especially with six cameras operating at all times. Ballard also highlights the user-friendly nature of TallyMan, with reusable, multi-level actions easily grouped into a simple control surface.

“Our volunteers love the new capabilities of our system, and they don’t have to understand the underlying technology that makes it possible,” says Ballard, who has more than 30 years of Pro A/V/L experience. “Additionally, we no longer have to re-label every input and output on a route change, which equates to faster and more dependable configuration changes.”

While FBC JAX installed TallyMan from a tally integration perspective, Ballard says the ability to interface with numerous data protocols, as well as analog interfaces, has revealed additional capabilities of the system that can help to further streamline the facility’s workflow. “TSL will definitely be on our list for consideration for any future projects,” says Ballard.

TallyMan was built to be independent, universal, configurable and infinitely scalable, allowing its customers to achieve interoperability between equipment routed through analog, IP or hybrid networks, regardless of differing manufacturers and format specifications. This flexible approach to total control ensures a seamless shift from traditional broadcast environments to complete IP production and delivery in a remote setting.

TallyMan’s Virtual Panel Interface allows for an easily configurable process. With intuitive, drag-and-drop controls, users can customize production setups to fit specific needs. With everything pre-configured prior to the production, TallyMan presents a simplified workflow that requires minimal labor and training to operate effectively, resulting in a substantial decrease in the potential for mistakes and increase in operational cost savings.


First Baptist Church of Jacksonville