By Mark Davies, Director of Products and Technology at TSL Products

Power management solutions are vital to any facility, especially those operating in live, high-stress and fast-paced environments. By using virtualised and configurable infrastructure management solutions, operators can monitor all aspects of a facility, OB truck or network from a centralised point. For sports broadcast applications in particular, operators need to be able to work in the most efficient manner possible. It’s crucial for broadcasters to have access to tools that help them to identify and isolate issues quickly and solve problems remotely.

Recent demand calls for software-based solutions for remote device control, where virtual or hardware devices act as “glue” devices that help disparate subsystems communicate while maintaining a seamless workflow. For broadcasters regularly moving between multiple production locations where connectivity may be unknown, they need the ability to provide a choice of communication paths back to the station. This is especially beneficial for sports broadcast applications as these events are commonly presented at a range of facilities.

With the rise of PTZ and remote cameras being used for recent sporting and live events as the COVID-19 lockdown continues, broadcasters are realising the full capabilities and benefits of deploying virtual panels to provide sports broadcasters with complete control of cameras located anywhere. This maximises quality and eliminating errors by ensuring that personnel are presented only with the controls they need.

Manufacturers must be prepared to continue supporting users while keeping safety in mind amidst the pandemic. Now more than ever, it’s critical for vendors to be flexible within their R&D resources in order to provide solutions that meet broadcaster’s rapidly changing requirements, as well as offering remote support and configuration.