DNF Control’s technology makes on-air camera shading more responsive

Northridge, Calif. (April 2016): DNF Controls – the award-winning and acknowledged leader in Human-to-Machine and Machine-to-Machine interfaces – has partnered with CNN on a one button-press solution for camera shading.  This innovation is especially helpful during live news events.

“We’re very pleased to have a hand in working with CNN and their on-air product,” said Dan Fogel, chief technical officer of DNF Controls. “We were able to help the Los Angeles production center eliminate a manual step in the camera shading workflow that was error-prone and wasted precious seconds during the coverage of fast-paced live events.”

Shading multiple cameras – especially during fast-paced news coverage – is an intense, two-handed operation. Shifting focus from the controls to switch a router is a distraction. Recalling successful outcomes on other projects, CNN turned to DNF Controls for a one button-press solution. Using DNF’s GTP-32 Control Processor, a signal from the Sony panel triggers the correct router crosspoint, instantly sending that camera’s video to the shading monitor.

“Turner encourages workplace innovation, and I was happy that together with DNF, we were able to develop a solution that eases operational workflow,” said Terry York, the CNN field engineer who worked directly with DNF’s Dan Fogel. “We’re looking for opportunities to use this set-up across the organization,” he added.

DNF’s GTP-32 Control Processor is a flexible tool designed to deliver anything from simple to mission critical infrastructure solutions. It’s easily configured with a programmer-free, browser-based interface. Use it to scale, integrate and apply conditional operator control and monitoring over a wide range of broadcast and production equipment – regardless of location – via GPI/O, Serial, Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, HTTP, and SCTE protocols.


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