IP Control Buddy Complements Ensemble’s Compact Router to Manage Video in Tight Quarters

Northridge, Calif. (August 23, 2017): DNF Controls – the award-winning and acknowledged leader in Human-to-Machine and Machine-to-Machine interfaces – announced a recent collaboration that interfaces IP Control Buddy with Ensemble Designs’ ultra-compact BrightEye NXT routers. When combined, they’re especially well-suited to manage sources and signal paths under conditions where space is at a premium, e.g., fly-packs, and ENG trucks or helicopters. Both the BrightEye NXT and IP Control Buddy products are currently available and shipping.

Ensemble Designs’ family of BrightEye NXT Compact Routers provides clean quiet switching of video and audio sources. It features an exclusive front panel LCD that displays real-time, full motion video of router sources, plus an intuitive web interface for control via smartphone, tablet or computer.  DNF’s diminutive IP Control Buddy – available in several configurations— readily controls any Ethernet, RS422 or RS232-enabled device from a button press, GPI trigger, relay closure or Web page button. It configures easily using a programmer-free, Browser-based setup with simple drop-down menus and fill-in text boxes.

David Wood, Ensemble Chief Design Engineer, commented: “The DNF IP Buddy connects easily to the NXT control system, allowing users to customize control to put just the right function at the operator’s fingertips. The dynamic leg ending of the buttons gives the operator confidence in live situations.”

“We’re very pleased to work on this solution with Ensemble’s engineering team,” said Dan Fogel, DNF’s chief technology officer. “IP Control Buddy simplifies access and control of the BrightEye router, enabling operators to focus their attention on capturing the story, rather than on connectivity and control issues.”