GTP-32 Control Processor Transports Tallies Between Production Studio and Game Site

Northridge, Calif. (July xx, 2016): Providing control solutions to sports broadcasters is nothing new for DNF Controls, the award-winning and acknowledged leader in Human-to-Machine and Machine-to-Machine interfaces. DNF’s flexible and highly configurable GTP-32 Control Processor can manage and monitors equipment in the same room, on another floor, in another building, across town, or across the globe. It fulfills a vitally important need for remote production, so much so that the popular unit is used by NBC to pass tallies between venues at the Olympics, and by CBS for their coverage of the Masters, PGA Championship, and US Tennis Open to pass camera tallies between multiple trucks and trigger graphics.


The Company is certainly feeling even more love lately with recent installations, including a major collegiate sports broadcaster. According to Dan Fogel, DNF’s chief technical officer, Remote capabilities are a big issue for live production, and we’re delighted to provide a ‘go-to’ solution for remote tally transport. One of our latest deployments, Pac-12 Networks, uses the GTP-32 Control Processor to transport camera tallies over an IP network between multiple game venues and their central facility in San Francisco. It’s proven itself to be a very cost-effective production model,” he added.


The GTP-32 is a component of Pac-12 Networks’ production fly-packs which are deployed to remote game sites and connected to the Internet. The units communicate with a local GTP-32 at the main facility to route on-air tallies from production studio to event location. On game day, Pac-12 technicians configure their GTP-32s to link control room tallies with their respective venues. As one game ends and another begins, the local GTP-32 can be quickly re-configured for the next event.


DNF’s GTP-32 Control Processor delivers in any infrastructure environment, from simple to mission critical, and is widely used by entertainment and news networks such as Access Hollywood, CNN LA, CNN Washington DC, and others to remotely tally on-site cameras for large entertainment and political venues. The processor simplifies, scales, integrates and applies conditional operator control & monitoring over a wide range of broadcast and production equipment – regardless of location – with a selection of protocol options, including GPI/O, Serial, Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, HTTP, and SCTE.