In fast-paced production environments, it is essential that broadcasters have reliable, flexible tools that fit seamlessly into their operations and offer ease of use and familiarity as personnel shift and move between productions.

With the smallest form factor on the market, the MPA1 range has been designed to meet the demands of even the most compact and space limited environments. As live productions grow ever larger and more complex, facilities often require audio monitoring across multiple feeds and infrastructures.

Managing Multiple Standards

A demanding production, recorded in multiple formats, with differing audio configurations, feeding multiple networks, demands audio monitoring to accommodate different formats and standards.

Adopted by leading broadcasters in Europe and around the globe, including NEP UK and US, Canal+ (France), Cinevideo (Italy) and All Mobile Video (US), the range has been used within major sporting events and productions to provide efficient and precise solo / mix audio monitoring, as well as video confidence monitoring.

The range has recently been expanded with the addition of the MPA1-MIX-V range, which features a re-designed user interface to specifically address the challenges of live production. With its wide range of input formats, customers can select the interface that best fits their production needs. Coupled with the SNMP control capabilities found on all MPA1 audio monitors, the MPA1-MIX-V range of audio monitors creates clear opportunities for integration with broadcast control systems, serving to maximise both operational and engineering efficiency.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance the workflow of operators within our OB trucks,” says Michael Naugle, design engineer for NEP’s U.S. Broadcast Services team. “The newly designed TSL MPA1-MIX MADI-V units feature an extremely intuitive layout. The left to right ascending order of the knobs is very user-friendly as the operator can easily find the channel they need, without having to look directly at the panel. The ‘V’ pattern also has a nice aesthetic look to it.”  

Meanwhile, Canal+ chose the MPA1-Mix-Dante as it fits seamlessly into their IP-based workflow at its Paris Canal+ Factory facility, offering excellent overall audio quality for their custom mixes whilst also fitting right in to their existing IP infrastructure.

“This commitment to supporting new and existing infrastructure types is a key feature of TSL’s AMUs, and helps customers navigate the transition to IP at a pace that suits them.” Explains Stephen Brownsill, Audio Product Manager at TSL Products. “We are dedicated to serve existing and future facilities which is why our IP roadmap aligns with that of AIMS, AMWA and the adoption of open standards.”

For operators, the MPA1 is a trusted go-to-air production tool. Features such as programmable presets provide both quick setup and quick recall capabilities, enabling groups of channels to be monitored with ease and accuracy - particularly important when planning the monitoring setup for different parts of a live production; or in a quality control / intercoms role, where features like ‘scroll to hear’ allow fast and efficient audio monitoring. The MPA1 also offers the ability to display both the video and audio components present in an SDI source, providing confidence with source selection.

Continuing the recognition for enhanced connectivity of its devices, the MPA1 audio monitoring range supports SNMP, allowing customers to realise more comprehensive and streamlined workflows, whilst also benefitting from smarter and more intelligent integrated solutions where users can remotely control their MPA1’s using TSL’s TallyMan control system or any third-party control system supporting SNMP.

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