IP Control Buddy

The IP Control Buddy is a powerful yet compact control system.  Use it standalone or integrated with a larger 3rd party control system, to quickly and cost-effectively get the job done. 

Control GPI/O, Serial and IP enabled devices, located anywhere, from a single button push.

The IP Control Buddy can perform simple or complex functions and is perfect for flyaway kits, small production tasks and one button applications, The IP Control Buddy can
simultaneously control multiple devices and is powered by either Power over Ethernet (PoE) or an external power supply.

Extra Functionality Included

Device Control: The IP Control Buddy can directly control other devices, such as Ensemble Designs’ ultra-compact BrightEye NXT routers, Blackmagic Media Players and Power Distribution Systems.

Configuration: With the ‘programmer-free’ web-browser configuration it’s easy to configure the IP Control Buddy for any control and monitoring application.

Panel Key Mapper: a Service that can be installed on Windows enabling the IP Control Buddy to remotely execute keyboard shortcuts and trigger common HotKey combinations for Editors, Production Playout Automation and other Windows applications.

User-configurable text and colours from real-time input with simple boolean logic from one or a combination of events such as:
• Recieve an SNMP trap
• Recieve a GPI input
• Recieve a serial or ethernet command

A single button press can tigger a salvo of actions such as:
• Turn a GPI Output On or Off
• Transmit a Serial Command
• Transmit an Ethernet TCP, UDP, SNMP, or HTTP command