TNDV Television turned to TSL Products’ TallyMan TM1 MK2+ units to help manage its tally and UMD workflow for various productions, including large-scale multi-stage music festivals and sporting events. The broadcast control systems have been installed across TNDV’s fleet of mobile television production trucks to handle tally routing to cameras, multi viewers and monitors.

TNDV Television also added TSL’s ESP-1R expansion module to the system for contact closures, allowing for seamless integration with virtually any switcher or other mobile units via fiber and IP network.

For large music festivals, TNDV needs to be able to hand off-camera feeds to DJs and touring video crews, and TSL’s TM1 MK2+ helps to effortlessly return tally data from guest switchers via IP. This same workflow applies to its sports projects in that it can provide various camera feeds to the in-house production, the sporting league and the broadcasters covering the event.

“The TM1 MK2+ was the most modern, compatible, expandable, compact and easiest to use of all the systems we were considering,” says Andrew Humphries, Director of Engineering at TNDV Television. “It has helped us simplify our workflow and amplify our professionalism beyond what we could have imagined.”

TSL Tally and Mnemonic Control Features

  • Multiple Tally ‘channels’ provide identification of point of origin for tallies allowing displays to configured to display only relevant tally data
  • Boolean logic calculations allow conditional tally display such as activating emergency cut bus tallies only when pre-defined conditions are met
  • Multi level tally control allowing customisation of tally display such as different coloured tally for different outputs
  • Variable length mnemonic control of dynamic UMD/IMD
  • Importation or names from routers to mnemonic lists
  • Individual display control over tie-line recursion depth
  • Mapping of cascaded routers to provide desired source mnemonic