Easing the Pressure of Live Sports Production

Learn how to maintain seamless workflows in fast-paced live and sports productions.

TSL's Insight Hub 'Easing the Pressure of Live Sports Production' dives deep into the considerations, standards and examples of how customers can maintain ownership while producing dynamic, live content. 


From the Hub:

The Foundation for System Control Best Practice
  • Effectively view and control tallies and route camera feeds to dramatically speed up set-up and operator workflows.

What Will The 'New Normal' Look Like?
  • A look at compliance across applications, ensuring engineering excellence and Loudness Specs.

The Role of IP in Audio and Video Monitoring
  • IP provides the scale and agility required to create increased volumes of premium content more efficiently.

Watch Now: IMG Media Provide Their Insights

Alan Bright joined IMG Media in 2015 as Director of Engineering where he inherited a state-of-the-art facility at Stockley Park in London. At the point when Stockley Park was built, IP was a theoretical concept for broadcast.