Welcome to the Intersection of Broadcast and AV

With multi-device streaming requirements for at home-engagement, to more dynamic onsite live production across venues and conference centres, those that work in the AV space are beginning to see the value in using broadcast kit to support a high-quality level production.

TSL's Insight Hub 'The Intersection of Broadcast and AV' is a resource of case studies, how-to guides and demonstration on how you can cost-effectively bring the quality of broadcast to conference venues, events, esports and houses of worship.



From the Hub:

Customisable Virtual Panel Apps
  • Coordinate critical infrastructure components in AV facilities

Large Scale Routing & Tally Control for Esports

One-Button Touch Controls
  • Centralised controls that require very little production expertise.

Watch Now: A Dynamic Control Layer for Power Station at BerkleeNYC

As the industry continues to transition towards IP-based solutions, many integrators have found themselves limited by budget-related restrictions.