A Look at Loudness

A Look at Loudness requirements for traditional broadcast through to OTT and podcasts.

TSL's Insight Hub 'A Look at Loudness' dives deep into the considerations, standards and examples of how customers keep on top of this extensive and very important topic. 


From the Hub:

A Leap Forward for Loudness
  • New streaming services and demanding delivery standards mean that the time is right for a new approach to loudness monitoring.

Measuring & Maintaining Loudness Compliance
  • A look at compliance across applications, ensuring engineering excellence and Loudness Specs.

On-Going Developement of Loudness Monitoring and Measurement
  • What is Loudness and how has it evolved and what are the tools needed?

Watch Now: SAMQ Loudness Demo

With the SAM-Q Engineers and supervisors can restrict sources, modes and front panel functions to streamline operation and reduce user error and features can change with your requirements, including optional MADI support or Loudness Monitoring.

  • Monitor loudness from a mono source right up to a 9.1+4 program configuration
  • Up to 8 independent loudness probes.
  • Log and monitor Loudness data over an Ethernet network.