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MARLOW, UK – 31 July 2014 –TSL Products has announced the launch of the PAM PiCo Touch, a 7” multi-touch audio, loudness and logging meter that enables broadcasters to prove their audio signals are compliant with all the latest standards and regulations, as well as putting high-quality metering within reach of anyone involved in sound production, from broadcast production operators to music studio technicians and record producers. 

The new PiCo Touch allows real time display and logging of all relevant loudness parameters, True Peak level and corresponding peak channel identification, as well as critical Integrated loudness information. The new meter provides all the benefits associated with a simple-to-use, dedicated hardware solution. The PAM PiCo Touch is available to purchase immediately, and will be featured on TSL Products’ stand 10.B41 at IBC 2014.

The latest product in the PAM PiCo range, the PAM PiCo Touch features a multi-touch screen that combines the familiarity and ease of use of consumer touch screen technology with the sophisticated features required for todays TV, Radio and Music Sound Production. The 7” screen allows users to see multiple metering and measurement elements simultaneously whilst the video confidence screen size can be scaled up and down in a similar way to a smartphone or tablet.  PAM PiCo Touch features user assignable soft ‘buttons’ for favourite presets that recall entire configurations, enabling instant switching between monitoring modes.

“The PAM PiCo Touch is a must-have for anyone working in sound production. It eliminates the accuracy and latency issues that have been associated with software-based meters and brings all the time-saving benefits of an ‘app’ meter into a portable, easy to use hardware device” says Martin Dyster, Head of Audio for TSL Products. 

The PAM PiCo Touch also features a unique automated logging function not available on any comparable product. This saves considerable time by eliminating the need to do a full end to end logging pass each time an edit is made – the user simply completes a single pass of the entire project in conjunction with timecode in and out points, then makes the necessary edits followed by a measurement pass over each edited section. The PAM PiCo Touch then recompiles the measured values for the full project, automatically replacing the edited sections within the timeline and producing overall loudness data for the final piece.

In addition, the PAM PiCo Touch includes an HDMI external display output which allows the user to plug it into any monitor and view a blown up version of the complete screen. The user can then plug in a USB mouse to the PiCo and control the screen with the usual mouse-click as an alternative to touchscreen operation. The unit also features an Ethernet port to enable loudness logging over the network, and a headphone output to allow the user to listen to the audio being metered.

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