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NEW Indian 24-hour new channel, Mathrubhumi TV, relies on TSL Products’ TallyMan and Audio Monitoring units

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, KERALA, INDIA, SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 – Mathrubhumi TV, a new 24-hour television news channel owned by Mathrubhumi Group, India, has installed TSL Products’ TallyMan TM2 studio control system and several AMUT-2MHD audio monitoring units to achieve maximum workflow efficiency across its production equipment chain.

RGB Broadcasting India Specified TSL in Facility Design

Launched in January, the news channel is part of a four-channel programming initiative being developed to serve the 36 million Malayalam-speaking residents in the Indian state of Kerala. The TallyMan TM2 system sits at the heart of the network’s operational center (NOC) providing a seamless communication path between equipment, while the AMUT units comprehensively monitor embedded audio.

Local Systems Integrators and TSL Products’ partner, RGB, was commissioned to design and build the new broadcast facilities for Mathrubhumi Group. Shiju George, Director of Sales at RGB Broadcasting India:

“As a leading solutions provider, we believe in specifying quality equipment that will provide maximum flexibility for the operators. TSL Products’ TallyMan system and audio monitoring units fit the bill in providing the best flexibility for the project’s workflow, and we know TSL equipment to be extremely reliable whilst offering a feature set beyond other manufacturers.”

The TallyMan TM2 system monitors the status of Mathrubhumi TV’s NOC transmission video router, the station video router, Snell Kahuna Mixers (one 3ME and two 2ME models) along with four Evertz EMC Master Control units; serving the necessary information to the station’s seven Evertz Multiviewers and 15 Sony HDC1580R Cameras. The TM2 Monitors the signal flow throughout the facility and relays mnemonic and tally information to camera operators, talent and other members of the production team.

“One of the main features of TallyMan TM2 is its Dynamic Naming protocol, which helps the station’s workflow to be concise and easy,” relates George.  “In our experience, TallyMan provides unmatched performance for tally and dynamic naming over other systems. With the TSL Products’ range, we’ve set a high quality benchmark for systems integration that has never been realized to this level in the South Indian broadcast market before.”

Shiju George, Director of Sales at RGB Broadcasting India.

TSL Products’ AMU audio monitoring units are also installed at the NOC for stereo audio monitoring from HD, SDI, AES and analog sources. With a practical 3RU 1/2 rack width chassis, the AMUT-2MHD delivers comprehensive audio monitoring outputs for variable and fixed level, stereo and multichannel as well as headphones.

“We are very pleased that RGB has specified TSL Products equipment for both the Mathrubhumi TV and Kappa TV installations. India is a vast region for television production and program dissemination. TSL is meeting the needs of this market and is garnering a reputation as a leading supplier of essential broadcast equipment renowned for its intuitive solutions. Making the choice for TSL Products equipment is a win/win for everyone involved.”

Swarup Mukherjee, TSL Products Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.