TallyMan Virtual Panel

TallyMan Virtual Panel

Users can now access the powerful functionality provided in every TallyMan system out-of-the-box in an intuitive interface that is fully customisable to the end users requirement.

 The fully customised interfaces provide 

  • Signal flow management and monitoring
  • Custom interaction with key functions of broadcast equipment without the learning curve and the risk of accidental errors when using the full manufacturer provided interfaces.

The TallyMan virtual panel is compatible with every TallyMan installation, new and existing, users will gain a new level of interaction with their facility. It is the most powerful addition that can be made to any facility with minimal interference to operations.Almost every new device in a facility has an control interface, whether Serial, SNMP, TCP/UDP or web browser interface, the TallyMan Virtual panel gives simple, intuitive access to all. Including:

Signal flow management – Control of Video and Audio routers, including internal routers of audio consoles and Vision Switchers.

Grouped Signal flow management – facilitating 4K, SD-follow-HD and audio-follow-video functionality across or within routing devices.

Procedure automation – Simplify multi step procedures across multiple devices into a single button press or without any human interaction with live feedback on the virtual panel.

Virtual patching – remove the time consuming patching in dynamic installs such as Outside broadcast vehicles, TallyMan contains a fully fledged GPI router with presets.

Custom IP and Serial interfaces – to allow interaction with in-house systems and devices without additional development.


Every facility is looking for ways to simplify operations by consolidating multi-step processes and taking repetitive tasks off the desk of operators. TallyMan and it’s bespoke Virtual panels complete this revolution in operations overnight, freeing operators to create top quality programming.

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