The PAM-IP range is a modular platform which can be specified to meet your exact needs. Available in both 1U and 2U form factors, it has two base variants, HD (3G) or UHD(12G), which can then be configured to suit your requirements;
• Video over IP (S2022-6/ S2022-7, S2110)
• Audio over IP (Dante/AES67)
• Dolby options
With this array of connectivity options, the PAM-IP range offers more format flexibility than
any monitoring device currently available.

When developing the PAM-IP we were very aware the IP format wars are far from over and as a result have ended up with a highly flexible platform that will allow us to implement future Video and Audio over IP protocols and standards that may be of interest to our customers with ease.
Monitor any of the inputs available on your PAM-IP by simply switching presets. Regardless of the input format the PAM-IP lives up to its PAM name and offers functionality such as loudness measurement, accurate fully configurable metering and multi-channel monitoring as standard with Dolby decoding available as an optional extra.




Video, audio and its associated metadata can be monitored from either a traditional SDI source or a S2022-6 IP stream. This makes it ideally suited to a hybrid environment where SDI, AES and analogue exists alongside IP-based infrastructure.

PAM IP Overview


PAM IP Rear Panel


The PAM-IP units can also be used as format converters from Video over IP to SDI and HDMI. This will allow you to interface non-IP capable equipment such as monitors and multi-viewers using the SDI or HDMI outputs of the PAM-IP.



More Video and Audio over IP options will become available, please check/contact for the most up to date list.