Maintain Complete Control of Your Systems

When broadcasters are able to take ownership of their systems, professional output drastically increases.

Over the coming months, TSL will be releasing a series of Functional Deep-Dives and real-world applications that will help engineers get the most out of their control systems.

An Introduction to Routing Control

Routing control sits at the very heart of all advanced control systems. Users need to be able to manage signal routes throughout a facility. This might include routing video, audio and data signals between the various elements of a network, for example:

To achieve this effectively, users need a system that will send a signal precisely where it’s needed to maintain clear and efficient production. TSL’s router control functionality provides the flexibility and control to build an appropriate signal path for any given operation.

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Issue One - An Introduction to Routing Control

Issue Two - Association Routing

Issue Three: Table Routing
  • Route a camera signal to a vision mixer, as well as through other processors, before it arrives at its destination.
  • Have an external event trigger a complete reconfiguration of a multi-router setup.
  • Route several sources simultaneously.
  • Make set routes or multiple routes via a single button press.
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