TSL’s virtualised control processor, the GTP-V1, provides broadcasters with greater flexibility and increased rack density for more advanced installations, ease of management and life cycle.

With lower hardware costs, reduced maintenance costs, the ability to manage hardware obsolescence and simplified IT maintenance, it is easy to understand why broadcasters are trending towards virtualised systems. Virtualisation can provide highly reliable performance, as well as dramatically simplified upgradability with minimal downtime, as users scale and adapt their system as requirements change over time. It is crucial that manufacturers recognize that future trends and technical advancements must align with requirements of customers as the demand for remote production solutions continues to rise.

Using a virtual control system can deliver optimized solutions that are dependable and simple to adjust quickly to changing needs. Virtualised control also supports network growth and identifies workflow gaps or trigger interruptions.

  • The GTP-V1 allows TSL’s control systems to be hosted as On prem, Off prem or in cloud control solutions, working as a virtual machine on existing hardware.
  • As the GTP-V1 can run on most cloud solutions, the virtual set up allows customers to keep the resource where the talent is, or hand over to a third-party provider perhaps where space is limited elsewhere.