Limited Warranty


Who is Covered?

Only the original purchaser or the end user is covered by this warranty. This warranty becomes void if the product on transfer to another party.


How Long Does the Warranty Last?

This warranty remains in force for twelve (12) months from the date TSL Professional Products Limited (PPL) ships the product.

Any additional hardware including the addition or configuration of ports will not extend your warranty period.

If your product is repaired or replaced at TSL PPL premises the warranty will be for twelve (12) months from the date TSL PPL ships the product.


What Does this Warranty Cover?

All material defects with your equipment are covered by this warranty.

It also covers Technical guidance and relevant documentation on installation and configuration of your product. This will normally be covered remotely by email or telephone.

If your product has a defect that requires it to be returned to us within 90 days of shipment you may choose to have a new unit sent to you which will be shipped to you within fifteen (15) days of you reporting the defect. If we do not receive your defective product within thirty (30) days, we will charge you for your replacement product at its current list price. You must return your product as described in the How Do I Return My Product to TSL PPL? Section.


What is NOT Covered by this Warranty?

  • Equipment with missing, altered or defaced serial numbers
  • Product for which TSL PPL, or TSL PPL's authorised reseller, has not received payment according to your payment terms
  • Lost or stolen product
  • Accessories, parts, components or software not supplied by TSL PPL.
  • Fire, flood, “act of God” or other contingency beyond the control of TSL PPL
  • Deterioration from wear or exposure
  • Equipment that has been damaged due to misuse, abuse, neglect, carelessness or accident such as:
    • use of incorrect voltages
    • use of incorrect fuses
    • improper or insufficient ventilation
    • failure to follow the operating instructions provided by TSL PPL
    • improper or unauthorised repair or servicing


How Do I Report a Problem?

You can contact us or by telephone on +44 (0) 1628 564610.

Please have the following information available when you report the problem:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Software Version
  • A Detailed Description of the Problem
  • Contact Name, Company Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address.


How Quickly Do You Respond?

We will respond to your reported problem within 24 hours. Our service operates 9:00 – 17:00 UK time and is conducted in English.


What Will TSL PPL Do?

If it is at all possible Customer Support Services will repair your defect remotely. To do this they will need your help accessing the equipment and for you to be in telephone contact during this time.

If the problem cannot be resolved remotely your Customer Support Operative will provide you with a Return of Material Authorisation (RMA) number which must be clearly attached to the outside of the packaging of your returned product.

Once your product arrives at our premises our Technical Services Department will repair or replace your product as appropriate.

If your product is replaced it may be a refurbished unit and may be a different model. If it is a different model it will be substantially similar and designed to cover the same core functionality.


How Do I Return My Product to TSL PPL?

Package up your product so that it will not be damaged during shipping. The original packaging will be effective for this. 

Remember to clearly display your RMA number on the outside of the packaging. Your Customer Support operative will give you the address for returning your product. If the RMA number is missing from your product TSL PPL may refuse and return your product at your expense.


Who Pays for Shipping?

You will pay for the shipping costs including taxes, tariffs, duties and insurance. You also assume the risk for loss or damage.

When we return the repaired equipment, we will assume those shipping costs unless it is to be shipped to a different country to that of your original purchase. If your replacement product is to be shipped to a different country, you will be charged for additional shipping costs.


Can I Extend My Warranty?

You may extend this warranty for a further twelve (12) months provided there is no break in cover. There will be no change in the cover provided.

You will be charged for this extension and payment must be made before the end of the initial cover.

There may be circumstances in which the warranty cannot be extended.