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The PAM  Range


        A sophisticated, intuitive control interface  Our flagship Precision Audio Monitor (PAM) series is the leading confidence monitor.
PAM supports stereo, multichannel, multi-language and surround sound environments via a sophisticated, intuitive control interface.
It also comes in an IP-version, designed to smooth the transition to an all IP-based workflow.

Pam1 MK2

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The PAM PiCo Range



Pam Pico is compact and comprehensively equipped audio and loudness featuring the the revolutionary Starfish display.
It is designed to be used wherever a visual snapshot of audio metering is needed. Experience an upgraded user interface
with the PAM PiCo Touch and Touch media versions, featuring a 7" screen with multi-touch capability and
enhanced capabilities such as waveform monitoring. 

PiCo One 

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PiCo Five

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The PAM PiCo Touch and Touch Media Range





The PAM PiCo Touch and Touch Media build on the PAM PiCo range and offer

   an  upgraded user interface experience based around a 7" screen with multi  touch capability

as well as enhanced capabilities such as video waveform monitoring


With a wide ranging and powerful feature set, the MPA's meet the needs of

the most demanding workflows, where the operators need the right 

audio mix to effectively do their job.