NTP Server IDS SQ-NTP Server

The IDS SQ-NTP is an NTP server, locked to SMPTE time code. It delivers accurate, synchronised time to all the devices on your network, either as a stand-alone NTP server or as part of your IDS installation.

    • Reads time code compliant with ANSI/SMPTE 12M
    • SNTP and NTP client support
    • LTC to NTP stand-alone server
    • Frame rates of 24, 25, 30 f/ps (non drop frame)
    • Industry-standard user bit date encoding
    • Construction: 1.8 Aluminium
    • Dimensions: L 123 x W 58 x D 30mm
    • Weight: 185g
    • Connectors: Mini-USB, RJ45, D15
    • SMPTE Compliance: 12M
    • Power Supply: PoE 48V
    • Power Consumption: Approx 2-3W
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