Power Management


Power Management

Any facility that has rack-mounted equipment, be it a TV station, IT/Data Centre, Hospital or Oil Rig, can benefit from implementing an effective Power Management system.

TSL Products’ range of Power Management solutions are suitable for a variety of applications and can be used to effectively control overhead costs by distributing power when and where it is required. Monitor the health of your system’s racks to identify issues and improve overall efficiency, and have complete visibility of power usage across an entire infrastructure. TSL Products’ Power Management range allows you to maintain your critical up-time targets, even across remotely located equipment facilities, as proven worldwide through a variety of applications.

Our Power Management range is the result of the extensive experience of TSL System’s Integration business, which over 26 years has established a reliable and consistent reputation with a product to suit every level of Power Management requirement. Contact one of our experts to discuss your requirements today.

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