Multichannel Monitoring

Multichannel audio is more than just 5.1

TSL Products’ multichannel  Audio monitoring portfolio continuously evolves.  Delivering  features such as, Dolby decoding, loudness logging, and touchscreens as well as keeping up with the latest standards and requirements for 5.1 audio such as SMPTE timecode. Choose from our range of Studio Audio monitoring units, mixers, loudness monitors, audio video monitors,  and volume controllers  in a variety of specifications from the product groups above.

In recent years, multichannel audio has become an integral component of the modern broadcaster’s workflow. If you mention the word ‘multichannel’ to most TV professionals they will generally associate it with surround sound audio. The reality however is often something much broader and more complicated than just 5.1. At TSL Products, we help our customers deal with the challenges associated with multichannel audio monitoring.



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