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Guangzhou Broadcast Network plans upgrade to facility with TSL products’ PAM2 precision Audio Monitors

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, JULY 1, 2013 – Guangzhou Broadcast Network (GZBN), a commercial television network serving the Guangdong province of the People’s Republic of China, plans to install 23 of TSL Products’ PAM2-3G16 Audio Monitoring units as part of a facility-wide upgrade from SD to HD. The network provides programming via satellite to all of China and to over 104 million people in the Guangdong region via seven broadcast channels covering news, sports, economics, children’s entertainment, drama and shopping.

The 23 PAM2-3G16 units will be provided by local systems integrators and reseller for TSL Products’, Century Sage Scientific (CSS). CSS were commissioned by GZBN to help design and integrate its new HD broadcast studios and master control rooms.

“We specified the 23 TSL PAM2-3G16 units to cover confidence monitoring at many locations throughout the production chain. They are very reliable and easy to use, raising quality assurance to a new level for the network. We particularly like that the PAM2s are fully compatible with Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus decoding from HD, SDI and AES signal sources, as it gives GZBN the flexibility to deal with multiple audio formats coming into the facility. The units are also software upgradeable and offer compliance monitoring for all current international loudness standards. The PAM2-3G16 units are perfect for this application.”

Ji Chunbao, Sales Manager for Century Sage Scientific.

The PAM2-3G16 was designed to simplify the monitoring of Dolby encoded and discreet multichannel audio through preset menus and shortcut keys for rapid and intuitive access to critical elements of complex broadcast audio systems. The flexibility provided by its user-selectable scales, ballistics, range of standard input/output signals supported and the ability to intelligently dissect and monitor any multichannel audio signal structure from mixed mono, stereo and 5.1 makes the PAM2-3G16 ideal for the GZBN facilities. Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus decoding from HD/ SDI and AES sources and Dolby Digital Plus with surround descriptive audio and stream mixing are included with the unit.

In addition, the PAM2-3G16 offers dual auto-sensing, 1080p (60, 59, 94 and 50Hz), HD/SDI video inputs, HD/SDI bargraph/data/metadata external screen display output and Ethernet connectivity for networked audio system management with alarm monitoring and loudness-compliance logging. The unit features de-embedded audio monitoring from video (HD/SDI) with intuitive selection from up to 16 channels (four groups) possible, downmix of discreet multichannel audio to stereo for compatibility monitoring, multichannel audio outputs for external stereo or 5.1 loudspeaker system integration and EBU, ATSC and user-configurable loudness measurement tools and histograms, among many other features.