Facility-Wide Management and Control for DCIM and Broadcast

In recent years, workflows have become increasingly complex and a whole new set of skills are needed to effectively manage facilities.

Data is a crucial part of the 21st Century, and as IT and IP based systems become the norm, facility engineers and operations experts are faced with a host of complex issues, legacy kit and increasing demand for global resources. TSL Products have a full range of solutions that can help you to cost-effectively manage your facilities – across sectors and the world. 

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Power management contrl

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Intelligent Power Management Basic Power Distribution DCIM Power Management
Intelligent power Vertical Power control DCIM Power Management
Perfect for demanding applications and complex configurations where reliable switching is needed between units.

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Entry level Power distribution units suitable for managing basic power configurations, measuring voltage, current, power and power factor reliably and cost-effectively.

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Monitoring, reporting and alarming on the performance of deployed devices, power consumption and environmental information.

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