Highlights from Integrated Systems Europe 2014


What was showcased at ISE 2014
Event Name: Highlights from Integrated Systems Europe 2014
Venue: RAI
City: Amsterdam
Date of event: 4th - 6th February 2014
TSL stand/booth number: 9-G140

Highlights from Integrated Systems Europe 2014

Intuitive Control Systems

A Simpler Way to Monitor, Activate and Coordinate multiple devices across ANY Control Centre Scenario

TallyMan helps all manner of Control Centres to deliver information across streaming media, digital signage and broadcast through coordinating Serial, GPI, and IP enabled devices, including ALL known routers, cameras and multiviewers from different manufacturers.

TallyMan Controle Centre Scenrio diagram Jan 2014TSLShape_Thumbs

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Universal XY Control Panels for TallyMan

TallyMan’s new TMCP control panels allow compact system-wide control using a common platform that has the ability to address virtually limitless numbers of routers from different manufacturers, saving the installation of new panels and preserving the existing workflow.

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Touchscreen Virtual Panel for TallyMan

Designed to simplify control of multiple router I/Os, with the intuitive touch-screen user interface.

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Smart Power Management

Any Facility that has rack-mounted equipment be it a TV Station, IT/Data Centre, Hospital or Oil Rig, with TSL‘s Power Manager Family, savings on power consumption and energy costs could be extensive. TSL Products’ power distribution units range from simple change-over units to highly intelligent models SNMP alarm protocols and monitoring of temperature, humidity, input voltage, rack equipment GPIs, etc.

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PsiMon Power Management Dashboard

The SQL based Power Dashboard, PsiMon, features Eco Power Mapping which provides a unique sequence of commands to allow specific equipment, associated with specific operations, to be switched on or off from remote locations. Rapid fault-location is achievable with a single mouse click, taking operators directly to the location of any fault; critical for meeting up-time targets, streamlining maintenance and support teams, as well as energy-saving.



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Audio Confidence Monitoring - Monitor Plus Range

  • Entry Level Confidence Monitoring
  • MPA1-ASB/ASC dual stereo or eight input versions and MPA1-3G with single HD-SDI inputs and autosensing
  • Front panel balance control and fixed or variable line output options
  • One-touch access to any analogue or digital audio source material in mono, stereo or surround

NEW Concept MPA1 AVB – Audio Monitoring over IP

  • An End-point ‘AVB Network Listener’
  • Simple to Operate
  • Simple to Install
  • Internal Loud Speaker/Headphone option
  • 11-segment Level Meter
  • Light weight 200mm deep chassis
  • Access & Monitor 8 mono or 4 stereo channels

AVB flyer full LR

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PAM PiCo Audio and Loudness Meter

High quality audio and loudness metering for anyone involved in sound production, from TV broadcasters and music studio technicians, to record producers. Available in three models: each able to display stereo, multichannel or surround sound audio from analogue, AES or embedded SDI (PAM PiCo Five only). Each model can measure Loudness to ALL known international standards and recommendations and has a FREE Loudness Logging Application.

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Broadcast Systems Intrgration Heritage

TSL Products has drawn on over two decades of TSL’s international broadcast systems integration experience to develop and deliver a range of top-quality products. In the early 1990s, TSL Systems realised there was an undeniable gap in the market after designing and manufacturing a bespoke audio monitoring solution for a customer that could not be sourced elsewhere. This quick reaction to market needs has been nurtured over time and TSL Products’ is now recognised as a leading manufacturer in it‘s own right, expanding into the areas of Audio Monitoring, Control Systems, Power Management and Surround Sound Microphones.
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  • Audio Monitoring

    Audio Monitoring

    TSL Products’ audio monitors are trusted by major broadcasters worldwide in positions throughout the broadcast chain.

  • Broadcast Control Systems

    Broadcast Control Systems

    TallyMan coordinates critical broadcast infrastructure components providing universal control of multiple devices from multiple vendors.

  • Power Management

    Power Management

    Save time, energy and power for your rack-mounted equipment with TSL Products’ Power Manager series.

  • IDS (Integrated Display System)

    IDS (Integrated Display System)

    Transform the way information is communicated across your facility with the IDS IP based display system for complete production monitoring and control.