Hamburg Open 2015


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Event Name: Hamburg Open 2015
Venue: Studio Hamburg
City: Hamburg
Date of event: 22nd January 2015
TSL stand/booth number: Stand 3.15

Hamburg Open 2015

NEW IDS Integrated Display Systems

Communicate, Coordinate and Display

The IDS IP Based Display System transforms the way information is communicated across your facility. A single screen can dynamically change from displaying a simple clock and RSS feed to a fully-fledged production timer. The application possibilities are endless.

  • Display clocks, multiple time-zones, up/down timers as well as support offset time recording
  • Integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure
  • Display a wide range of dynamic information alongside the clocks and timers, based on your own screen designs
  • Manage and distribute large volumes of digital content to IDS connected display through a user friendly web interface
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NEW PAM PiCo Touch - high precision 7" Multi-touch Audio, Loudness and Logging Meter

The PAM PiCo Touch marks a high point in Audio & Loudness Metering. Complete with a wealth of high precision metering tools including 3G SDI, 8 ch. AES I/O, Headphone out and more – all included as standard – The PAM PiCo has all possible applications covered.

  • Your choice of metering tool with Bargraphs or Moving Coil options
  • Phase Security with the unique JellyFish™ & StarFish™ display inter-channel relationships
  • Document, Report & Analyse with Loudness and True Peak Logging tools
  • Instantaneous Loudness Conformity with Clear Loudness metering & readout
  • See Real time True Peak PPM
  • Always hit your target – PiCo Touch is compliant to all known major loudness standards
  • See and secure your audio from any angle with FFT Analysis
  • Personalise to fit your workflow with a Flexible and User definable setup

And more …

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NEW SoundField DSF-B MK2 Digital Broadcast Microphone Package

The updated DSF-B microphone system is aimed at live broadcast specialists everywhere, and builds on the success of SoundField’s previous DSF-2 & DSF-3 Digital Broadcast Surround microphone package.


NEW PAM AVB - Precision Audio Monitoring using AVB

The PAM AVB range is the broadcast industry’s first AVB monitoring solution. PAM-AVB combines the power and capability of TSL Products’ industry leading PAM precision audio monitoring systems while specifically addressing the needs of an Audio-over-IP AVB facility infrastructure.

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NEW AXIUS Managed Ethernet Switches

The AXIUS range of compact Managed Ethernet Switches re ideally suited for use in Professional Audio/Video over IP applications, such as AVB, AES67, Ravenna, Stagebox and SMPTE 2022 based systems.

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Join the Audio/Video-over-IP Revolution

Imagine a Broadcast workflow that transported signals from point to point at the click of a button using standard IP connectivity?

Now you don’t have to imagine … the future is here!

TSL Products is committed to providing solutions for the broadcast industry’s impending migration to Audio/Video-over-IP facility infrastructure and remote broadcast operations.

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NEW PAM1 MK2 Precision Audio Monitor

PAM1 MK2 is an evolutionary step for the original PAM monitor, PAM1-3G8. With larger screens, improved feature set, user interface and a full set of functions inherited from the PAM2 MK2

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Power Management solutions for ANY rack room

Any facility that has rack-mounted equipment be it a TV Station, IT/Data Centre, Hospital or Oil rig, with TSL Products’ Power Manager Family, savings on power consumption, staffing and energy costs could be extensive.

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  • Audio Monitoring

    Audio Monitoring

    TSL Products’ audio monitors are trusted by major broadcasters worldwide in positions throughout the broadcast chain.

  • Broadcast Control Systems

    Broadcast Control Systems

    TallyMan coordinates critical broadcast infrastructure components providing universal control of multiple devices from multiple vendors.

  • Power Management

    Power Management

    Save time, energy and power for your rack-mounted equipment with TSL Products’ Power Manager series.

  • IDS (Integrated Display System)

    IDS (Integrated Display System)

    Transform the way information is communicated across your facility with the IDS IP based display system for complete production monitoring and control.

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