AES Brazil 2014



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Event Name: AES Brazil 2014
Venue: Expo Center Norte
City: Sao Paulo
Date of event: 13th - 15th May 2014
TSL stand/booth number: Quanta Stand B1

AES Brazil 2014

Don't miss this presentation by TSL Products' Sergio Bourguignon on "Audio Monitoring in a Digital Environment "

The environment we work in has changed radically in recent years. With SD video becoming HD, audio has evolved from stereo to multi-channel. As infrastructure and workflow have changed, the tools to monitor audio have adapted as well.

Monitoring is no longer a simple task and has developed new characteristics. This presentation looks into this new world and display monitoring solutions. 

Date: Tuesday 13th May

Time: 13:30

Location: Auditorium C

NEW PAM AVB - Precision Audio Monitoring using AVB

The PAM AVB range is the broadcast industry’s first AVB monitoring solution. PAM-AVB combines the power and capability of TSL Products’ industry leading PAM precision audio monitoring systems while specifically addressing the needs of an Audio-over-IP AVB facility infrastructure.

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NEW AXIUS Managed Ethernet Switches

The AXIUS range of compact Managed Ethernet Switches re ideally suited for use in Professional Audio/Video over IP applications, such as AVB, AES67, Ravenna, Stagebox and SMPTE 2022 based systems.

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Join the Audio/Video-over-IP Revolution

Imagine a Broadcast workflow that transported signals from point to point at the click of a button using standard IP connectivity?

Now you don’t have to imagine … the future is here!

TSL Products is committed to providing solutions for the broadcast industry’s impending migration to Audio/Video-over-IP facility infrastructure and remote broadcast operations.

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NEW PAM1 MK2 Precision Audio Monitor

PAM1 MK2 is an evolutionary step for the original PAM monitor, PAM1-3G8. With larger screens, improved feature set, user interface and a full set of functions inherited from the PAM2 MK2

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NEW SAM1 MADI - Studio Audio Monitor with MADI

The option of MADI I/O to the SAM1 3GM makes the award winning SAM1 MADI truly the most comprehensively equipped compact audio monitoring product on the market

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NEW Video Preview, SMPTE TimeCode and improved GUI for PAM PiCo

PAM Pico now offers a brand new SMPTE Timecode display and Loudness Logging which is common across all three PiCo models and now that the PiCo Five is equipped with a unique Video Preview, PAM PiCo is  truly the most comprehensively equipped standalone meter in its class.

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NEW SoundField ST450 Location Recording Microphone

The updated portable, battery-powered ST450 MKII microphone system is aimed at location recording film and TV sound specialists everywhere, and builds on the success of SoundField’s previous ST250, ST350 and ST450 portable microphone systems.

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Control Systems - New TMCP XY Control Panels

TallyMan sits at the heart of any broadcast system coordinating critical broadcast infrastructure components and providing operators with a common platform to universally control multiple pieces of kit from different vendors including routers, multiviewers and vision mixers. Choose from new tactile push-button or virtual touchscreen control panels – TMCP range comes in 16, 32 and 48 button units.

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Power Management solutions for ANY rack room

Any facility that has rack-mounted equipment be it a TV Station, IT/Data Centre, Hospital or Oil rig, with TSL Products’ Power Manager Family, savings on power consumption, staffing and energy costs could be extensive.

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  • Audio Monitoring

    Audio Monitoring

    TSL Products’ audio monitors are trusted by major broadcasters worldwide in positions throughout the broadcast chain.

  • Broadcast Control Systems

    Broadcast Control Systems

    TallyMan coordinates critical broadcast infrastructure components providing universal control of multiple devices from multiple vendors.

  • Power Management

    Power Management

    Save time, energy and power for your rack-mounted equipment with TSL Products’ Power Manager series.

  • IDS (Integrated Display System)

    IDS (Integrated Display System)

    Transform the way information is communicated across your facility with the IDS IP based display system for complete production monitoring and control.

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