IDS Core

IDS Core

IDS Screen Designer
IDS Screen Designer’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you creat and save any number of informative display layouts. Customise studio clocks and cue lights or create your own control interfaces. Choose from a rich array of design elements, including video feeds, web pages and countdown timers and create a library of your own image files and logos.


IDS Logic Builder
IDS Logic Builder takes your screen designs and lets you map their virtual inputs and outputs to real GPI signals, video feeds and time signals, by routing them to physical ports on IDS hardware and other third-party devices. The built-in logic functions, signal manipulation elements and I/O controls provide
endless possibilities for logic maps to drive your displays.


IDS Connected Devices
IDS Connected Devices completes the circuit, allowing you to assign logic maps to the IDS Remoras and Touchscreen The beauty of IDS lies in its centralised management – IDS Core controls your entire network, every connected device and the layout of every display.


Your finished screen display
Time-critical broadcast information, control interfaces and mixed media content are delivered to networked displays and IDS Touchscreen control devices, while our cue lamps, noise level monitors and DMX controllers provide further visual feedback throughout your organisation.